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Daylilies by Tim, Heather & Hans Herrington

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Dublin, GA 31021

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We are not accepting any orders now, but will next spring. Please enjoy our website.


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Dear Daylily Friends,

It is certainly an honor to connect with you through this website and thanks for sharing your time with Herrington Daylily Garden. I would like to thank the daylily world for its support of all of the Herrington daylilies over the years. A lot of our daylilies are on display due to a short supply and ones that were purchased before I updated the website. If you see any you like please let me know or if you have questions please e-mail me. I will ship after June 12, 2017 for any available now. Please e-mail or call me of the ones you are interested in and I will let you know of the availability and prepare an invoice for you for your convenience. Our daylilies have met the hybridizing goals of being distinctive, having superb garden performance, being resistant to rust and containing that special knack to give you a happy feeling when you observe them. You get our “36 years of experience” and customer satisfaction with your order. I thank my great daylily friend, James Fennell for orchestrating this website. Shipping is from 6/12/17 to 10/2/17 by priority mail or UPS. There is not a minimum required order and I always like to give a bonus. To save you money, the BONUS this year is a 10% discount on your order total. See details on your invoice.

Please bear with me on a reply for I have a few heath issues and I am not as fast at doing things like I use to do. Best wishes to you in your gardening endeavors in building a better world through daylilies.

Tim Herrington
Tim Hans Heather
(L-R) Tim Herrington pictured with his ‘Elizabeth’s Kentucky Cupcake’ which was the Best Double in the Region 5 Daylily Show in Statesboro, GA in 2016; Hans Herrington pictured presenting an entertaining program on February 5, 2017 at the Winter Region 5 meeting in Macon, GA; Heather Herrington pictured with her ‘Tiffany’s Tea Garden’ winner of an AHS Achievement Medal in 2016.


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