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(Herrington-K., 2009)  28 x 7  M Re Sev  UNUSUAL FORM.    Lilac with purple veining and a 2”
green throat surrounded by yellow blending into a 3” center point of the petals and sepals. What
is very unique about
ALABAMA SWEET TEE is the stippling and/or splotching effect which
makes this a classic example of a “plicata” daylily. Plicata means having the petals and/or
sepals stippled with a different shade which is rarely seen on spiders and unusual forms. The
lilac plicata, stunning throat, and above average bud count and branching makes this daylily very
distinguishing and is named for a wonderful daylily connoisseur and friend, Teri (Tee) Money,
from Headland, Alabama. Won Best Unusual Form Thomson 2010.   
(Herrington-T., 2009)  23 x 4  EM Re D DOUBLE 95% This flower is reminiscent  of a banana
cream cupcake on the largest & best dessert bar I have ever seen when we visited the
Tidewater Daylily Society in Norfolk. The well branched scapes have flowers that are a banana
cream blend with a small green throat. The petaloids on this double have a swirling and swaying
effect like a ball with wings.   
(Herrington-T., 2009)  24 x 4 ½   M Re D SPIDER Ratio 4:1 Chocolate red, burgundy eye and
yellow throat. It is great to have a judge make pleasant remarks about a seedling.  Joann
Stewart, a spider/unusual form connoisseur who also serves AHS on the special committee for
exhibition judges, raved about this seedling when I brought it to a clinic as an 'instruction' flower.
She noted that not only does it have a bright, happy face, a small size and 'perfect' spider ratio
credentials, there is also a good contrast between the throat and main colors and MOST
distinctively, 7-way branching. She liked it more than I did, and that was all the encouragement
and support I needed to introduce this spider. This is a must for small spider breeders for
another color besides yellow.  Won Best In Show Dublin 2010.   
(Herrington-K., 2009)  26 x 6.5 M Re Sev  SPIDER Ratio 5:1.125 A dark saturated
red-burgundy velvet textured spider of fine clarity, very clear color and carrying power makes this
a standout in the garden or daylily show. This embossed texture radiates from above the bright
yellow green throat to show an impression of midnight.   A vigorous plant with 4-5 way
branching, 23 - 27 buds, and destined to become a classic spider. Very fertile both ways.   
(Herrington-K., 2009)  33 x 5.5 M Re Sev UNUSUAL FORM CASCADE This amethyst purple
with a darker eye & white midribs bisecting the outer petals is absolutely electrifying. The wide
yellow green throat has streaking and bleeding colors that adds a touch of subtle beauty. The
well-branched scapes are ready to stride down the yellow brick road with Dorothy and Toto, the
Tin Man, the Scarecrow, & the Lion to see the Wizard of Oz.   
(Herrington-K., 2009)  33 x 5.5 M Re D  - SPIDER Ratio 4.25:1 The flower deserves the badge
of courage just as the cowardly lion did because it is all about having heart. A striking flower of
contrasting colors; red with white edging and midribs. The overall red color is very vivacious.
The white edging and bright midribs  gives the flower a prominent appearance.   
(Herrington-K., 2009)  33 x 7 M Re Sev – UNUSUAL FORM.  Just as the scarecrow bounced
along the yellow brick road, this 7” bronze yellow blend will leap in your daylily bed.  A large
striking intense green throat accents this wonderfully, bright, and vibrant flower. The sepals often
twist and curl making it an exotic and unusual cultivar. With so much going on it is difficult to
discover what it is you love the most about
OZ’S SCARECROW  without revisiting it many more
(Herrington-T., 2009)  24 x 4 ½ M Re D DOUBLE  This unique flower is a true “hose- in- hose”
style double in that there are an additional set of sepals and petals placed one within the other.
About 30% of the time petaloid structures will form in the center of the flower having a pom pom
effect. Just like the rich and sweet classic cake we all love, this flower will display the distinctive
dark red to bright red or red-brown colors.   
(Herrington-T., 2009)  24 x 5 M Re D DOUBLE 100% This beautiful petaloid style cream pink
double has a vivid rosy red eyezone in the outer whorl of petals that forms a cloverleaf pattern.
Texture is smooth and has 4 way branching and yellow to green throat.   
(Herrington-T., 2009) 28 x 7.1 M Re Sev Tet    I enjoyed reading about James Thurber’s fictional
character Walter Mitty who imagined himself as a daring pilot and then I enjoy knowing  Walter
Wall, the real enterprising pilot who took a hankering for daylilies.  This daylily reminds me of the
excitement these 2 Walters possess. The color of this extra large flower intensifies above a
clear red, watermark halo and yellow to small citron green throat with white midribs on the