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BERRY DELIGHTFUL (Heather Herrington 2016) 23 x 3.5 EM RE EV A scrumptious lavender pink blend with darker patterned eye and bright neon green throat with 4 way branching and 22 buds. The blossoms are fully round formed with a distinctive midrib on both the petals and sepals. It has an extremely long and protracted bloom season of 4-5 months because of the multiple rebloom scapes........$40.00
BLUEBERRY CREAM CUPCAKE (Heather Herrington 2015) 27 X 3.5in EM, RE,DOR Double 100%, 5 way branching and 28 buds. This small flower full double is a light lavender pink with a bold purple feathered eye present on all the petaloids with a small yellow green throat. The form is embellished with tiny frilly ruffles. It has been a very prolific garden flower as well as a show flower. It won an AHS Achievement Medal in 2015 and also won best seedling in the Ogeechee show. The blooms are quite striking and pictures don't do it justice. ........DISPLAY
CALL ME CRAZY (Heather Herrington 2016) 28 X 10.5 M, RE,EV This intensely saturated SPIDER is bright purple red with a large lemon throat and has a 6.5:1 spider ratio. Very showy and bold. ........Display
CHERRY TOMATO JUBILEE* (Heather Herrington 2016) 29 X 2.875 E, RE,DOR This is Heather's first tetraploid miniature which makes its presence known in the garden. It is an electric cherry red with darker eye and green throat. Has 5 way branching with 28 buds. Very limited supply. .. ........DISPLAY
FESTIVAL OF APPLES (Heather Herrington 2016) 30 X 4.25 E, RE,DOR deep apple red with ruffles lined in cream and a bright green throat . Has 5 way branching with 25 buds, making it a great show flower and garden flower. Winner of 2016 AHS Achievement Medal. ........DISPLAY
FRENCH FRIES BEST FRIEND (Tim Herrington 2016) 25 x 5.5 M RE DOR This is NOT your standard red daylily. It is a brilliant and bright ketchup red bloom with a huge yellow green throat. Has 4 way branching and 19 buds. The form is full and open faced. . ....$40.00
GREEN BANANAS (Tim Herrington 2016) 36 x 5.5 EM RE DOR This exceptional UNUSUAL FORM has the tallest scape of any I have ever registered. The color green consumes between 70-75 per cent of the banana yellow bloom. When I first observed this daylily in bloom it reminded me of a bunch of green bananas growing on a soaring banana tree. It produces multiple proliferations for me. ....Display
MIGHTY JIM (Tim Herrington 2016) 24 x 3.75 M RE DOR Remember when John Wayne stepped into a room? It is the same affect when MIGHTY JIM steps into your garden! This bright yellow gold self SPIDER attracts an enormous deal of interest throughout the bloom season and demonstrates purity of color, spectacular showiness and overall excellence because of the great bud count of at least 40 and at least 6 way branching. It has a spider ratio of 4:1. As a seedling this daylily won the coveted Best-in-Show Award at the Thomson Show in 2014 with 4 open blooms (pictured on the right) which is indeed quite feat. When I saw what this flower did as a seedling I couldn't help but nickname it 'Mighty Jim' because awesome is the one word that best describes this flower and awesome is the one word to best describe its namesake, Jim Mullins from Calhoun, Georgia. Jim is one of the most accomplished and talented flower show exhibitors in the AHS. For example in 2016 Jim won the AHS Triple Crown for winning three straight Best In Shows. MIGHTY JIM is a small spider that makes a large presence in your garden and in a daylily show. Comments by an AHS Garden Judge: "This is one of the best small spiders I have ever seen in terms of its fabulous ability to display multiple blooms at one time and is destined to become a classic spider in the AHS." It produces continues scapes until frost. ........DISPLAY
MUNCHKIN MUSIC (Tim Herrington 2016) 22 x 2.5 E RE DOR This miniature is a real garden and daylily show standout because of its intense color and super bud count of around 50. You can just hear the Oz Munchkins singing and making music when you see the bouquet of beautiful blooms on each scape. Each bloom is a yellow gold blend with a tiny green throat. It won an AHS Achievement Medal in 2016 at the Ogeechee Daylily Society Show. One garden guest told me that this daylily is destined to become one of the great miniatures of all time. Has had 8 blooms on one scape before. .........DISPLAY
OCTOPUS FRENZY (Heather Herrington 2016) 30 x 10 EM RE SEV This gorgeous SPIDER has an impressive ratio of 10:1 and is rose pink red with large green yellow throat. The blooms remind me of an octopus with long, whirly arms. ..... $45.00
PURPLE HORSE OF OZ (Heather Herrington 2016) 32 x 9.5 EE, RE, SEV Imagine the scene in "The Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy and her friends entered the gates of the Emerald City. They were greeted by glistening shades of green and other vibrant hues. Then entered the horse of a different color. Most people remember it as the purple horse of Oz, which was a unique dazzling shade of magenta purple. Wrap all that up and you get the daylily "Purple Horse Of Oz." This beautiful new UNUSUAL FORM is a magenta and fuchsia blend with a large green throat extending three fourths of the way onto the petals and sepals. Commanding attention wherever planted, the scapes have 6 way tree-like branching with 35 buds, and it reblooms multiple times to provide hundreds of blooms throughout its the extended season. ....$45.00
RICH AND RIKKI'S SUNBEAM (Tim Herrington 2016) 21 x 7 EM RE DOR This gorgeous 7" yellow tetraploid is named for Rich and Rikki Sterrett whose garden is on the 2017 National AHS Tour. Rich is also one of the co-chairs for the 2017 AHS National Convention and Rikki is the editor of the Region 3 newsletter, The Fanfare. People that know them easily can feel their sunshine in their beautiful garden and by knowing them. This is true because they provide to the daylily world a rainbow of happiness which is a byproduct of their inner sunshine which is truly divine. RICH AND RIKKI'S SUNBEAM is sunshine yellow with creamy white midribs and ruffled edges. It has very good substance with 3 way branching and 18 buds and is highly resistant to rust......... Display
THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT (Tim Herrington 2016) 30 x 7 EM RE EV This stunning 7" tetraploid is a dark burgundy red self above a green gold throat and is all about presence. Words cannot describe the impact this extra-large flower has in a garden. It has very good substance with 4 way branching and 20 buds and is highly resistant to rust......... $45.00
TIFFANY'S TEA GARDEN (Heather Herrington 2016) 28 x 3.5 EM RE SEV Every time I see this daylily, I think of a springtime garden party, resplendent with abounding colors and the sense of camaraderie only found in a garden. It is a royal purple lavender blend with darker eye and bright green throat with a delicate line of white edging to the petals and sepals. It won an AHS Achievement Medal in 2016 at the Dublin Show. It has very good substance with 6 way branching and 30 buds. . ........DISPLAY


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