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'Everybody Loves Earnest' Stout Medal Candidate

One of the first daylily folks I ever met was Earnest Yearwood back before computers but after color TV's. Once the daylily bug bit me and my family we would travel throughout Georgia and the United States and everywhere we went folks would say to us do you know Earnest Yearwood. We have gone with Earnest to several regions over the years and daylily people would just flock to this daylily connoisseur from Milledgeville, Georgia simply because he is likable. So in 2005, I registered a daylily called 'Everybody Loves Earnest' and of course it had to be a miniature because we both love daylilies under 3" in diameter. This daylily has quickly become an All American Daylily with its high bud count and blooming habits. It also has brought happiness to many growers just like Earnest has brought happiness to many people. This year 'Everybody Loves Earnest' is a candidate for the Stout Silver Medal the highest award a daylily can receive and the first time I have had a daylily to get this high in the awards system and am deeply honored. So join me below through a few pictures in the celebration of this daylily and its namesake.

2009 ELE-1 ELE-2
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