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2019 Introductions

'Boo Boo Giggles' (Tim Herrington, 2018) 2.5" X 21" Em Re D. This is a new type of miniature with old fashion genetic qualities. The canary yellow bloom is on a scape with 6 way branching averaging 30 buds that reblooms at least three times for me and sometimes is the last daylily blooming right before our frost. It has class and there's just no way I could deny its freedom from my seedling patch anymore. It is a cross of Little Gold Nugget (Texas Sunlight × Just For Breakfast) x Mighty Jim (Yellow Pygmy × Tinker Bell). It has old genes in it which comes from Tinker Bell. It performs well without too much fertilizer. In 2017 I put a lot of fertilizer to it and it had fasciated scapes about 40% of the time. This year I put just a little fertilizer on it and it did well and no fasciated scapes. Of course it had a good supply of water on it. Both years were equal with the great branching & bud count. I believe the breeding potential is great with this one by crossing it with the modern miniatures with various colors. On August 29th a rebloom scape had 6 open blooms on it. I call this a 'Renaissance miniature' because of its virtuoso performance. It is a dormant diploid with a trumpet form and has pinched petals most of the time which technically could perhaps make it a miniature unusual form. $50
Cosmo and Me
'Cosmo and Me' (Heather Herrington 2017) 3.5 x 26 EM Re Sev Magenta purple with darker eye brushed into bright green throat, lavender brushed watermark on sepals, 8 way branching, 45 buds. I have seen this one get up to 10 way branching when established here. A garden visitor said it looks more like an azalea bush in bloom because of the amount of buds open at once. It also has repeat rebloom scapes. I even had to cut the rebloom scapes on it last year, to give it more growing power so I could introduce it. Names for my loyal and dedicated cat Cosmo, who I will always miss. (Tool Man Tim × Hey Bud) Display
Dipped In  Chocolate
'Dipped In Chocolate' (Tim Herrington 2018) 5 x 33 M La Re D. Purple with brown splotches on ends of the sepals and petals with a large yellow green throat . It is a spider with a sepal width of .75" and 4" petal width making the ratio 5.33:1. The brown color varies with the temperature. Sometimes there might not be any brown during cold temps. 'Dipped In Chocolate' is a very unique spider. The parents are Red Icicles and Incy Wincy Spider. Display
Dreaming of Oz
'Dreaming of Oz' (Heather Herrington 2018) 5 x 32 M Re Sev Unusual form Cascade Rose pink with slightly darker chevron eye, cream midribs, and large green throat 4 way branching 25 buds. When established, this daylily blooms until frost here, which is usually mid-November to early December, so it has about a 6 month blooming season here. (Pink Haired Lady x: sdlg) $30
Electric Eyes
'Electric Eyes' (Heather Herrington 2018) 4.25 x 26 EM Re Ev Fuchsia purple with large blue lavender eye and green throat, 5 way branching, 25 buds; lots of rebloom. The color really looks electric and has that "wow factor". This one does seem to be sensitive to extreme cold, so if you live in the North, you might want to grow it in the greenhouse. (Blue Crystal x Little Blue Angel). $50
'Everybody Loves Hans
'Everybody Loves Hans' (Heather Herrington 2018) 4.5 x 32 EM Re Sev. Unusual form Crispate; Light purple mauve with deep purple, triangular eye and large, bright green throat; 5 way branching 25 buds. With a name like this, what's not to like! (For those who don't know, this one is named for my son; for those of you who know him and his exuberance and enthusiasm at daylily functions, you will see why I named this daylily for him when you see it in bloom). No two blooms are exactly alike. It is a great combination of personality, color, and branching. (One Eye Willie x Windstar) Display
Glory Oh So Fine
'Glory Oh So Fine' (Heather Herrington 2018) 5 x 28 M Re D. Unusual form; Spatulate; Bright ruffled red with chartreuse, recessed midribs and large, bright green throat; 4 way branching 20 buds. The president of the Dublin Daylily Club said the blooms look like gloriosa lilies, thus the play on words with the name. (Festival of Apples x Green Inferno) Display
Itty Bitty Kitty
'Itty Bitty Kitty' (Heather Herrington 2018) 2.75 x 23 EM Re D. Miniature. Red purple blend with dark purple eye and veining, thin cream edge on petals, and bright green throat; 5 way branching 25 buds. The bloom appears smaller than it measures, giving it that "Oh it's so cute!" appearance. (Lollipop Kid x sdlg) Display
Leaping-Leprechauns 'Leaping Leprechauns' (Heather Herrington 2018) 4.75 x 28 M Re D. Unusual form cascade Brilliant chartreuse yellow with neon green throat, pale lemon midribs, and ruffled petals and sepals; 4 way branching and 20 buds. There seems to be fewer and fewer yellow daylilies on the market, so I'm glad to introduce this one because it is a focal point in the garden. When you look at the garden as a whole, your eyes are immediately drawn to this one, with its chartreuse and neon green combination. (Lime Tree Delight x Green Inferno) Display
'Lilac Lollipop' (Heather Herrington 2018) 2.9 x 27 EM Re D Pale lilac pink with darker lilac eye encircled by a fuchsia line, and bright green throat with 5 way branching and 30 buds. I like that this is a patterned mini that is dormant, for our friends in cooler areas. Reblooms multiple times here. (Lollipop Kid x sdlg) Display
Lime Painted Licorice
'Lime Painted Licorice'  (Heather Herrington 2017) 6 x 36 E Re D Unusual Form Crispate,  Peach, pink, and yellow green blend with burgundy red eye and very large, neon lime green throat; 4 way branching, 20 buds.  This very tall daylily is a garden standout.  Most of the bloom is covered with the intense lime green throat.  It is a great rebloomer also.   (Green Derby × Green Inferno)  Display
Popcorn Factory
'Popcorn Factory' (Heather Herrington 2018) 4.875 x 29 EM Re D Double Lemon yellow self with green throat, 5 way branching, 28 buds. This one has the unique combination of being a double and a spider. Has multiple rebloom scapes. It is a hard dormant, so you might think it is "gone" in the winter. (Little Lemon Twist x Lemon Chiffon Cupcake) Display
Saturdays Are For The Boys
'Saturdays Are For The Boys' (Tim Herrington, 2018) height 22 in., bloom 4 3/8 in., Mid season , Rebloom, Dormant, Diploid, 21 buds, 6 branches. This daylily is all about color and excitement. Saturday is usually 'show date' in America. I know several male daylily folks that take daylily shows extremely serious. All of them have been known to be in their garden at 3:30 a.m. with a flashlight analyzing their potential blooms for the upcoming show later that morning. A wife of one of them told me once, 'Saturdays Are For The Boys' as she observed her husband and a bunch of other grown men intensely grooming their daylilies before a daylily show. She further eluded that they were just as passionate as a fanatic Georgia Bulldog fan being engulfed with the action between the hedges at Sanford Stadium in Athens on Saturdays. {This daylily is named in honor of these men} Here are the names of just a few from Georgia ; David Arthur, Tim Bell, David Bishop, Jack Brock, Claude Carpenter, James Fennell, Mark Franklin, Winfred Huff, Michael Land, Buddy Melvin, Perry McAllum, James Mullins, Bill Waldrop, Joe Scott Watson, Stan Woo, and Chip Wood. Attention readers of this description: There are other names not listed from Georgia and throughout the United States and you or your spouse will know if you are one of the 'Saturdays Are For The Boys'. The color is a sensational dark plum purple with enhanced veining on the petals with a chartreuse throat that is also extending outward on the sepals for a very distinctive effect giving the bloom a beautiful burst effect radiating outward. You can see a color white at the end of the burst entwined into the dark plum purple color. The bloom has overlapped petals and sepals that are recurved. The flowers seem to be illuminated from within. The crisp substance and deep color hold remarkably well in the hottest sun. The foliage is arching and a fast increaser. 2018 Achievement Medal Winner. 'Saturdays Are For The Boys' is a cross of Portrait In Green x One Eye Willie. $50


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