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2021 Introductions

'Colors Of Oz' (Heather Herrington, 2020)   25 x 3.25  Sev Em Re Dip 25 buds 5 way branching. This gorgeous small flower has a truly beautiful and distinctive color scheme that is magenta purple with darker eye and veining, with fine white edging and a green throat. It is kind of like the colors are vibrating when you view its gorgeous bloom. Parents are Tiffany's Tea Garden x Dixieland Five. .....DISPLAY

'Cranberry Cupcake' (Heather Herrington, 2020)   26 x 3.875 Ev Em Re 22 buds 4 way branching . This cranberry red 95% tet double  is awesome beyond belief and remarkably defined with its sense of balance from its overall substance, petite fringed ruffles to its small tangerine throat, and gold pollen on the stamens which adds to the color contrast. Parents are Mary Lois Burgess x Elizabeth's Kentucky Cupcake .....$100

'Fly By the Seat of My Plants'   (Heather Herrington, 2020)   26 x 5  Dormant EM Re Dip 15 buds Extended bloom 3 way branching.  This unusual form can both cascade and show a crispate form.  Just like the early successful  pilots that flew without a plan, this bloom uses its own initiative to decide the shape of its bloom. You can see a lot of movement on each scape as the sepals and petals  dances with every bloom. The color is an intense black red with darker brushed eye pattern and neon green throat. Parents are  Midnight in Oz x  Magic of Oz. .....$100

'Garden Gala' (Heather Herrington, 2020)   30 x 4.25  Em Dormant Re 30 buds 7 way branching.  This daylily is surely festive and showy with its apple red color and darker eye with green throat. You can see the excitement in its well defined white midribs and its outstanding bud count and lateral branching.. The form and performance is indeed very special with this small flower that packs a punch!. Parents are  Off To See The Wizard x Seedling. .....Display

'Home Grown Tomatoes'  (Heather Herrington, 2020)   28 x 5.5  Dormant Em R : 15 buds 3 way branching. There isn't anything in the world better than bacon, lettuce and home grown tomatoes. You definitely get that feeling when you grow this bright tomato red daylily with a darker brushed eye and chartreuse midribs with a large green throat. Simply this plant is so adorable in the garden! Parents are Pea Green with Envy x  Dixieland Five  .....$100

'Indiana Icicles' (Tim Herrington, 2020)   (Dave Guleke x Jack And Diane )  28 x 7.5  ML Dormant Spider: Petal Length 6" Petal Width  1.5"  for a 4:1 ratio I was on a daylily trip up north in the winter when someone told me that the prettiest icicles were in Indiana. Hence the name. This spider with its cream pink infusion and white midribs is definitely pretty and just plain sweet looking with its 16 buds and 4 way branching. .....$100

'Joann Stewart'  (Tim Herrington, 2020)   (Dave Guleke x Angel In OZ)  Dormant 24 x 6.25 M Dormant Re UFO crispate 19 buds 5 way branching A rich maroon with a lighter yellow gold shadow eye above a yellow green throat. This shadow eye reminds me of an aurora effect or a natural light display and is accentuated by the veining color which is the same as the base color of the sepal and petals. This flower won best seedling in the Ogeechee Show in 2016 which is always very competitive. Named for past Region 5 President  and past AHS Committee Chair of Exhibitions Joann Stewart. ..Display

'Mystery Novel' (Heather Herrington, 2020)   30 x 5 Dormant Em Re 20 buds 4 way branching  Spider with 4:1 ratio  This is a magnificent  and deeply saturated velvety black purple spider with a ratio is 4:1 . The piercing neon green throat just accentuates the clean nature of this dark and mysterious beauty. A very entertaining and noticeable flower in the garden. Parents are  Midnight in Oz x  Green Inferno .....$100

'Oz's Emerald City' (Tim Herrington, 2020)   (Portrait In Green x Oz's Tin Man)  30 x 4 M Dormant Re  18 buds 5 way branching . Well we finally made it to the Emerald City for this small jewel is "itching" to be noticed because it blooms during a two day cycle and is an advancement  in my "all green" pursuit. It is described as piercing green with a wide lavender rose edge  because of its massive green throat. The green throat comes robustly from both parents (Portrait in Green x Oz's Tin Man) which has brought together nicely the dormancy and unique plant habit  .....Display

"Pineapple Cupcake"  (Heather Herrington, 2020)  95% double  20 x 3.25 Dormant  EM  Re 20 buds 4 way branching.  A very full double that has a pineapple maize with plum eye and golden green throat. This dormant double  is extremely distinguished, elegant, and quite sure of itself. Parents are  Raspberry Ripple Cupcake x  Lemon Chiffon Cupcake. The flower's gentle ruffles add a lot to the overall look of this beauty .....$100

'Paula Payne'  (Tim Herrington, 2020)   24 X 3.5 E EV Re Orchid 18 buds 5 way branching.  There is one word to describe this bloom; mesmerizing. There is a grey shadow eye in the throat of the petals and is an orchid lavender with darker eye and pattern veining with green throat and white edge. Named for my longtime Texas daylily friend Paula Payne. There's just not doubt this daylily can put a smile on your face for its patterns are so incredibly stunning. Parents are  One Eye Willie x Portrait In Green.  .....$100

'Sneaky Eyes' (Tim Herrington, 2020) 28 x 4  Sev E Re 20 buds  a FANTASTIC daylily cultivar that has great attributes including  5 way branching, mustard yellow color,  triple eye pattern,  recessed midribs, and  green throat. However, it does not have pollen but is pod fertile. This daylily is named for Claude Carpenter and Heather Herrington for their sneaky and furtive ways in writing an article about me in The Georgia Daylily and me not knowing about it. Parents are Hat's Off To Sue x One Eye Willie. ...Display


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