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2016 Introductions


(Herrington-H, 2014) 21 x 3.25  E RE DOR   If you can imagine lots of butterflies fluttering and dancing to springtime music, then you've seen this daylily in bloom.  Several people have commented that it reminds them of a flurry of butterflies.   In the winter you will think there is nothing there, as this daylily is a hard dormant.  Don't be fooled, though, for it bursts through in the spring and reblooms multiple times and even does well in 100+ degree temps.  It is a great show flower with its well-proportioned branching and buds and is also an excellent garden flower.   It is ruffled light maroon with bluish lavender mauve eye on the petals with cream and lavender watermarks on the sepals and yellow throat with green heart.  It is a cross of Little Lemon Twist × Little Blue Angel and received an AHS Achievement Medal in 2014. .


(Herrington-T, 2015)  32 x 6  M RE DOR Subtle and peaceful, this  gorgeous baby ribbon pink with green throat and raised cream midribs  simply symbolizes the sunrise mists as they rise and drift above gardens in the Delaware Valley area. This flower is named for the Delaware Valley Daylily Society who took us in the late 1980's and let us be a part of their celebration of daylilies. The contrast with the bright orange pollen and soft colors are just one of many distinctive factors. Has 4 way branching, 18 buds and is fragrant.



(Herrington-H, 2015) 34" x 4 3/8", M RE SEV 4-5 branches (Green Derby x sdlg.)  This is a pale pink blend with a huge chartreuse green throat bordered on the petals by a wine purple chevron eye.  I was impressed with this one when it bloomed as just a first year seedling.  I had ran out of room in my seedling beds after it sprouted from a  seed, so I had to plant it at the edge of the property near some large hardwood trees.  Needless to say, I was shocked when it bloomed only after a year, despite many roots from the competing hardwood trees.  Gaudy Grasshopper is a very prolific rebloomer.  It blooms from May to October here.  It is difficult to write how many buds it has because it is a bud builder, meaning the scape at first may seem to only have a certain number of buds, but more and more buds subsequently appear on the scape.  I have seen it have up to 50 buds on one scape.



(Herrington-T, 2015)   31 x 2.875 E RE DOR  This bright gold self  attracts a great deal of attention throughout the bloom season and demonstrates purity of color, spectacular showiness and overall excellence. The recurrent scapes are stately and elegant with multiple blooms that puts on an incredible show similar to the Golden Rain Tree  - 'Koelreuteria paniculata' which makes an excellent small lawn and street tree. It has 9 branches with up to 50 buds and won the AHS Achievement Medal in the Ogeechee Show in 2015.Those who have seen it have stated this little gold jewel will become a classic example of a great miniature daylily.



(Herrington-H, 2015)  28 x 7 EM  RE EV  This daylily looks like it has intense green ribbons for petals and sepals which are edged by chartreuse and cream.  It was difficult to decide whether to register it as a spider or polymerous daylily.  The first set of blooms are usually polymerous with 4 petals and 4 sepals, and the rebloom mostly has blooms that have 3 petals and 3 sepals, giving it an average of 60-70% polymerous percentage.  Either way, the green is quite striking and can be seen from a distance, and it is one of the greenest polymerous daylilies you will find anywhere. Its appearance is quite remarkable  &  awesome with its 24 buds with 4 way branchig.



(Herrington-T, 2015) 27 x 6,  M RE DOR The large green throat explodes to the outer purple edges of this unusual form crispate. It has cream edges   as an additional distinctive factor  which is sure to delight any daylily connoisseur. Named for Heather Hotaling-Giglio, Amanda Jack Hotaling, & Grace Rishell,   proprietors of Willow Rock Gardens in Clayton, Delaware. They have one of the largest collections of daylilies in the U.S. These 3 ladies portrayed "The Scarecrow", "Dorothy Gale", and "The Wicked Witch of the West" at the 2015 National in Atlanta. What a thrill it was for all the attendees!


3 Ladies

(Herrington-H, 2015)  30"x3", E RE DOR 6 branches, 35 buds, This is a real garden standout because of its intense color, scape height, and profuse blooms.  It is a chartreuse neon yellow with lighter cream chartreuse blending into the edges with brilliant lime green throat extending two-thirds of the way onto the petals.  Has bright orange pollen which is a pretty contrast against the green.  Reblooms several times.  Excellent garden flower and show flower.  Fertile both ways.  Winner of 2015 Achievement Medal in the Savannah Show. 



(Herrington-T, 2015) 29 x 4.75  E RE SEV  Just like when Dorothy entered OZ and  made her famous quote, "We're not in Kansas anymore", this purple with darker eye and huge green throat tells you to wake up and see that it isn't really like your normal daylily bloom especially with very distinctive recessed midribs and rich colors. This daylily is very dramatic and possibly the most striking of my green daylilies  because it has entered a new arena for single bloom varieties. Limited for 2016.



(Herrington-T, 2014) 26 x 4.25 EM RE DOR  The simple description of this mesmerizing daylily is green with a purple edge. The texture and substance is super with the addition of the veining in a huge neon green throat that glows from within the heart of the flower. Has 6 way branching and 24 buds. Won an AHS Achievement Medal in 2014. Definitely an advancement in hybridizing for green. Only 10 plants available for 2016.



(Herrington-H, 2015)  20 x6 1/2"  EM RE EV 3 branches, 12 buds, One of my new goals in hybridizing has been to continue my mother's hybridizing program.  She loved all shapes, sizes, and forms of daylilies, but when she passed away, she was trying to expand her large flower tetraploid hybridizing program.  So, I have been incorporating some of her cultivars into my crosses with other varieties.  Refined Elegance is one of those progenies.  It is from her Pumpkin Pie Crust x Sweet Ole Man.  I must also mention that many large flower tets do not grow well for us here, probably due to the cold winters and a milieu of other environmental factors.  Refined Elegance, however, grows very well here and is quite vigorous.  It has robust foliage and reblooms many times during the season.  It is a blend of neon peach and salmon pink with gold, heavy piecrust edging with light mauve midribs and yellow green throat.  Its unique color combination is very difficult to photograph, and photos don't do it justice.  While many tets get rust, I have never seen this one with rust.  Pod and pollen fertile.



(Herrington-H, 2015)    20"x6", EM RE EV VFr (Blackberry Cupcake x Mary Lois Burgess)  One day as I was walking through the garden, I tried to figure out where the smell of perfume was coming from.  Soon, I realized that the scent was coming from Scented Sensibility.  It is the most fragrant daylily I have ever encountered in my 33 years of growing daylilies.  Its ruffles and scent remind me of the genre of Jane Austin's novels amidst the English countryside, thus the name with the play on words.  It is a magenta rose red 100% double tetraploid with darker veining and dark purple eye and green yellow throat.  It reblooms multiple times here and has beautiful large bluish-green foliage.   I have never seen this tet with rust either.  Fertile both ways.



(Herrington-T, 2015) 30 x 7  EM RE EV This Unusual Form Cascade explodes with an intensity or saturation not seldom seen in the average daylily. This colorful vibrant red and orange flower has a tiny green throat which makes a riot of color above the foliage. The color and substance are sunfast The strong, and dependable, recurrent scapes have 4 way branching and 19 buds.



(Herrington-H, 2014)  25" x 2.87" E RE EV  25" x 2.87", 5 branches, 35 buds (Lollipop Kid x sdlg)  This has been a real knockout in the garden and in shows as well.   It is a light lavender with darker veining and lavender magenta eye encircled by a purple pencil eye with bright green throat.  To me, it looks even more mesmerizing at the end of the day after it has been in the full sun.  The foliage is robust and it blooms 4-5 months here.  I have crossed this daylily with some large flowers and gotten large flower seedlings with interesting patterns.  Named for my father, Tim Herrington, who  has a degree in Industrial Arts and is a talented builder.  Tool Man Tim won a 2014 Achievement Medal in the Savannah Show and was winner of best miniature in the 2015 Ogeechee Show.  Very fertile both ways.



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