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2022 Introductions

'A Garden Jubilee for Angie' (Tim Herrington 2021) SPIDER 5.5 x 27 Em Re Evergreen 7 way branching and 28 Buds. Parentage: (Green Bananas x Ruth Killingsworth) Petal Length:1.25 Petal Width: 6.25 Ratio:5:1.  This amazing daylily is described as neon chartreuse with creping on the sepals and green throat. It has tangerine pollen which adds another distinctive quality to this spider. The blooms have an overwhelmingly playful attitude and is really highlighted by its vibrant color and arching foliage. It’s named for Angela Blue a master daylily gardener and dedicated club member. …. $100

'Always Isabella' (Heather Herrington 2021) 6 x 30 Midseason Rebloom Dormant Fragrant This large flower’s appearance is a raspberry fuchsia pink and a darker eye. A lighter patterned watermark and mauve, fuchsia veining above a green throat gives it unmistakable distinction. ‘Always Isabella' has an amazingly "pleasant" color scheme! When past its dormant emergence in the Spring, the foliage transforms into a deep green making a very attractive plant in the garden. It has 4 branches and 20 buds. Parents are Tiffany's Tea Garden x seedling ……$100.00 

'Christmas Corsage' (Heather Herrington 2021) 5.75 x 33 Early Midseason Rebloom Dormant Brick cherry red with large olive lime throat overlaid with iridescent maize brushing. The petals have darker veining leading out from the throat. Seems like it would make a great Christmas fashion accessory. Has 5 way branching with 25 buds. 2021 Achievement Medal Recipient (Pea Green with Envy x Star Over Oz)  …. $100

‘Dragonfly Derby' (Heather Herrington 2021) 5.25 x 33 Early Midseason Rebloom Dormant This stunning Unusual Form Crispate-Cascade is a peach, pink, and lavender blend with a dark wine eye and neon lime green throat. It has a beautiful brushing effect coming from the throat to the eye is not to be unnoticed in the garden.  Has 5 way branching with 25 buds (Journey to Oz x Say Hello to Hans) 2021 Achievement Medal Recipient      $100

‘Forever My Girl’ (Tim Herrington 2021) 4 x 28 Early Rebloom Dormant 30 buds, 7 branches   Parentage: (Heather's Red Wagon x Tiffany's Tea Garden) Dark pink with excellent substance, veining and a white edge with a green throat that blends yellowish into the edge of the inside color of the sepals and petals. This daylily is in honor to two individuals: (1) the men that have a ‘Forever My Girl’ and (2) the ladies that are a ‘Forever My Girl’ and where the word forever becomes a place where soul mates can dance to the song in their hearts that reflects true love. The plants themselves quickly form perfect clumps, and make a great presentation with the foliage, scapes, and blooms.. 2021 Achievement Medal Recipient …. $100

'Gourmet Cupcake' (Heather Herrington 2021) 2.9 x 19 DOUBLE Early Rebloom Dormant. This little jewel is described as cream pink with maroon, purple eye with a stunning maize and green throat. There is a lot going on with this unique & compact “Cupcake”. Its color is very intense & the form is peony style, soothingly recurved. It has 5 way branching with 20 Buds.   99% Double Parentage: (Raspberry Ripple Cupcake x  Little Party Girl)   $100.00  

'Just Jeanne' (Tim Herrington 2021) 3.25 x 24 EE Re Dormant 28 buds, 7 branches. Very fragrant.  Canary yellow with pink infusion, with red eye and green throat Parentage: (Heather's Red Wagon x Mayor of Munchkinland) Named for Jeanne Rowles, a long time daylily friend. It has an extremely long and protracted bloom season of 4-5 months because of the multiple rebloom scapes. This small flower with its VERY striking (and rich) color scheme is one that garden visitors will be drawn to. …. $100

'Let's Glow Green' (Heather Herrington 2021) 7 x 32 Early Midseason Rebloom Evergreen Counting outward from the flower's large bright olive-green throat, we see a blend of honey peach, satin, and cantaloupe on the sepals and petals. The sepals are slightly ruffled with recessed midribs. The overall unique color and appearance provides a coolness effect for this daylily. 5 way branching and 24 Buds.   Parentage: (Off to See the Wizard x Color Me Happy).     $100.00    

'Let's Pink About It' (Heather Herrington 2021) 5 x 22 Midseason Rebloom Dormant Description: Pink and    rose blend with banana green throat, light pink midribs, and rose veining. 4 way branching and 20 buds.  Parentage: (Tiffany's Tea Garden x Angel in Oz) This daylily has been one of the ‘neatest of the pinkest’ since her initial bloom. Its piercing green throat stands in clear contrast, for an incredibly "fresh and clean" look.  $100

'Lullaby League' (Heather Herrington 2021) 4.375 x 22 Early Rebloom Dormant Tetraploid   This OZ theme daylily is in honor of the song and characters of the Lullaby League in the Wizard of Oz movie. This flower is peach cream pink with raspberry fuchsia patterned eye with green throat and rose edging. It has 4 way branching and a 15 bud average. Parentage: (My Little Tea Set x Broadway Player) '  $100.00    

'Melons and Mangoes' (Heather Herrington 2021) 4.875 x 22 Early Early Rebloom Semi Evergreen Fragrant Described as intense mango orange with darker eye and vibrant honeydew green throat. Has 3 branches and 15 buds. Very thick substance   Parentage: (Halloween Green x Butterscotch Beauty). There's just no way to refuse it the attention it clearly requires in the as one of the first blooms in your garden...$100.00     

'Munchkin Parade' (Tim Herrington 2021) Height: 24 inches: bloom 2.9 inches. Early Season, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen 30 buds, 7 branches, Fragrant. The unique color combination enthralls miniature lovers to linger and admire its great beauty and stature. It is a darker shade of lavender with a purple eye and veining to match the eye color. The white midribs accentuate the total appearance on the petals and leads into a tiny yellow-to-green throat. This daylily reminds me of when the Munchkins paraded as they welcomed Dorothy to Oz. Parentage: (Daggy x Everybody Loves Earnest). This daylily is honor of Karl Slover who lived here in Dublin for the last 18 years of his life who was a real munchkin from the Oz movie in 1939 at age 21. He had 4 roles in the movie, the first trumpeter who welcomed Dorothy to Oz, a soldier in the “Munchkin Parade”, one of the sleepy heads, and was among those who sang "Follow the Yellow Brick Road". He participated in our “St. Patrick’s Day Parade” annually. Karl below (L-R) in the movie, in our parade and with Tim, Heather and Hans.

'Pencil Ribbons' (Heather Herrington 2021) 5 x 22 Midseason Rebloom Semi Evergreen SPIDER. The spider form is one of the least breed daylilies of all yet one of the most unique. Maroon, purple blend with lavender and wine eye and green throat. A lighter purple that evolves between the eye and throat to highlight the darker veining. 'Pencil Ribbons’ is indeed exquisite and elegant. Petal Length: 4, Petal Width: 1, Ratio 4:1. Has 4 branches and 18 buds   Parentage: (Boys Will Be Boys X Green Inferno) $100.00    

'Soccer Ball' (Heather Herrington 2021) 7” x 32” Early Rebloom Dormant Fragrant This Unusual Form Cascade is maroon, purple with white midribs, faint maroon lavender watermark and large banana green throat. This large flower is everything wonderful and will make a VERY clear statement in the garden. Its beauty is stunning and hypnotic. 3 way branching and 15 Buds.    Parentage: (Off to See the Wizard x Green Inferno) …. $100.00    

'Wild Berry Cupcake' (Heather Herrington 2021) 3” x 17” DOUBLE 98% Early Rebloom Dormant   5 way branching and 20 Buds.  This bright and cheerful ‘Cupcake’ is about as graceful yet striking as they come! Majestic, clear, and LOVES to show off in the garden.  Parentage: (Grape Cupcake x Maho Mite) Description: Magenta and plum blend with darker eye and maize green throat… $100.00    


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