Herrington Daylily Garden

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Katisue Shepherd Herrington,

Founder and CEO of Herrington Daylily Garden


Anyone can grow daylilies and become a hybridizer. You don't have to have a special degree in botany. You only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love, which is characteristic of Katisue Herrington. Perhaps one of her greatest skills was her love of folks in the daylily world and her motivating speeches one on one with folks or in front of groups throughout the United States when she presented programs on daylilies. Doing her life time she registered 80 daylilies; 32 large flower singles, 20 unusual forms, 13 spiders, 6 doubles, 5 small flowers, 3 extra large flowers and 1 miniature. Of those 44 were tets and 36 dips. One of her crowning achievements has to be winning the Stout Silver Medal in 2015 for her 'Dorothy And Toto'. This is the highest award a cultivar can receive in the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS). The award is given annually with the award beginning in 1950. There have been sixty-six winners and she becomes only the seventh female hybridizer to win this prestigious award in the history of the society and the 3rd person to win it from Georgia. Also 'Dorothy And Toto' is only the 3rd double daylily to ever win this prestigious award. 'Dorothy And Toto' also won the Doubles Appreciation Award for Best Double in a clump at the 2012 National Daylily Convention in Columbus, Ohio. AHS Specialty awards she has received for her daylilies include the Ida Munson Award for Best Double with 'Dorothy and Toto' 2009 , the Lambert Webster Award for Best Unusual Form with 'Christmas in Oz' in 2013, 'Star over Oz' in 2015, Donn Fisher Memorial Cup for Best Miniature in 2020 with  Grandpa's Little Sweetheartand the Harris Olson Spider Award for Best Spider with 'Memories Of Oz' 2008. Her daylilies that have won the Junior Citation Award include 'Private Showing' 1998, 'Detailed Drama' 1999, 'Fireworks Extravaganza' 2001 and 'Morning All Day' 2001. Ones that have won the Honorable Mention include 'Journey To Oz' 2004,' Memories Of Oz' 2005, 'Morning All Day' 2006, 'Over Achiever' 2007, 'Dorothy And Toto' 2009, 'Ruth Killingsworth' 2011, 'Star Over Oz' 2011, 'Return To Oz 2012', and 'Ode To Oz' 2015, 'Flying Monkeys 2020, 'Tomato Sandwich' 2020 and 'Off To See The Wizard' 2020. Her flowers that have won the exceptional Award of Merit are 'Dorothy and Toto' 2012, 'Star Over Oz' 2014, and 'Return To Oz' 2015. In Georgia she won a total of 14 Best In Show awards over the years and also was the recipient of the annual Georgia Hybridizers Award for outstanding results in hybridizing twice with 'Morning All Day' in 2005 and 'Dorothy and Toto' in 2008. In the AHS accredited shows she won 6 Achievement Medals with her seedlings that went on to be registered as 'Me And Joe' 2002, 'Blackberry Boogie' 2004, 'Ruth Killingsworth' 2005, 'B.J. and ED' 2006, 'Camphouse Bell' 2006, and 'Meet Me In Oz' 2010. She also won the prestigious Ophelia Taylor Horticulture Award 2005 with 5 daylilies in one exhibit that scored 95 or above in a show. The daylily world needs dreamers and needs doers to be successful and that is the legacy Katisue Herrington has left us.


“I believe memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are and the things you never want to lose. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”

Tim Herrington